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Two Triumph Scrambler 1200 riders exploring Amsterdam


How much freedom does a motorbike bring?  Well here we are, bags packed and strapped, and winding leisurely through B roads as the waning British afternoon whizzes past.  By sundown it's the three of us, on an impromptu weekend getaway, on an overnight ferry, with our Triumphs, all agreeing that last minute plans are the best with no schedules or limitations.

Amsterdam at dawn, and the Scrambler 1200 is handling the stunning city boulevards, beautiful narrow streets and quiet cobbled lanes with ease.  There's no waiting in traffic or working out public transport; just us and our bikes riding deeper and deeper into authentic Amsterdam, lighting up the city with every glorious passing minute.  Why would anyone want to experience this amazing place any other way?



Amsterdam is perfect for exploring by motorcycle, whilst also being able to add specifically designed luggage to make our journey easier.

Tank bags:  15L capacity with waterproof phone pouch to give clear sat nav view was ideal to securely store our passports, travel documents and cameras with easy access for when we reached the ferry.

Roll Bag: The perfect waterproof luggage for our trip with 30L of compact storage, looking slick both on the back of the bike and when worn across the body around the city.  

Discovering Amsterdam on Triumph Scrambler 1200's


Grab Rack: A grab rack for both greater pillion stability and carrying additional luggage on longer journeys. Pressed Aluminium Rack Forged and Fabricated Grab Handles 2kg payload Multiple Rack tie down points.

Clear Fly Screen: A short scratch-resistant Clear Fly Screen that transmits 100% of the light. It requires the Flyscreen Mounting Kit to be fitted. Height: 188 mm Width: 245 mm


Discovering Amsterdam on Triumph Scrambler 1200's



We discover Amsterdam to our own rhythm like no guided tour ever could, travelling light enough to appreciate the city's sights, sounds and smells at our own pace, stopping off whenever we want, and riding to our own agenda.

The Scrambler 1200's style, handling and versatility has allowed me to experience the city my own way.  That's why it won't be long before I start thinking about the next weekend getaway. There's only five days until next weekend.  Hmmm, destination...?