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The All-New Bonneville Speedmaster

THE NEW BRITISH CLASSIC CUSTOM ICON - Beautifully authentic British custom and laid-back cruiser riding style. With all of the classic Bonneville DNA, all of the Bobbers attitude and a host of distinctive custom touches, including elegant and comfortable swept back beach bars, premium finish and versatile twin and single seat set-up.

SUPERIOR HANDLING, COMFORT AND CONTROL – The swept-back beach bars, forward footpegs, low seat height, signature Triumph neutral handling dynamics all combine to deliver a superior ride. High-specification brakes and suspension, along with a sculpted rider and removable pillion seat enhance both control and comfort.

THRILLING BONNEVILLE 1200HT ENGINE, PERFORMANCE AND SOUND - Responsive 1200cc high-torque engine with Triumph's signature Bobber tune delivers power and torque low down and across the mid- range. Unique twin airbox and twin-skin bright chrome stainless steel silencers deliver together a distinctive rich and raw exhaust note.

CLASS LEADING CAPABILITY & TECHNOLOGY - Full-LED multi-function headlight and intuitive single button cruise control are fitted as standard, along with a host of rider-focused-technology, including Road and Rain Riding Modes, switchable traction control, torque-assist clutch, ABS, immobiliser and a feature packed stylish single clock.

EVEN MORE COMFORT, CAPABILITY AND STYLE - With over 130 custom accessories available through Triumph's online configurator, riders can take their ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER to an even higher level of specification and capability.

Beautifully Authentic British Classic Custom

THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER brings a new dimension to the Bonneville line-up. With much more classic British custom laid-back attitude, forward footpegs, swept-back beach bars and comfortable pillion capability, the new Speedmaster delivers a distinctive cruiser riding style. High specification rider-focused-technology combines with elegant engineering to provide a superior level of handling, comfort and control. Beautifully crafted, the new Speedmaster delivers a host of unique premium touches, such as elegant headlight nacelle detailing, alongside its  classic Bonneville DNA, signature styling cues and that all important Bonneville Bobber high-torque engine tune, hard tail look and attitude.

Perfect for riders looking for greater touring capability and a more laid-back cruiser style than the Bonneville T120, the new Speedmaster's comfortable yet versatile twin seat set-up offers increased practicality together with all the Bonneville Bobber's attitude. The critically acclaimed high-torque engine, with its powerful hot rod ride and raw sound, has a reassuringly high first major service interval of 10,000 mile / 16,000km.

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Stylish Accessories

With over 130 custom accessories available through Triumph's online configurator, riders can take their Bonneville Speedmaster to an even higher level of specification and capability with official accessories, including premium Vance & Hines exhausts**, swing arm bags and panniers, highway pegs, engine bars, and an adjustable touring screen. For those wanting to set up their Speedmaster in the single seat configuration, there is also a grab rail removal kit and rear mudguard finisher.

Triumph has also designed two inspiration kits to show off the Speedmaster's breadth of character and to inspire riders who want something even more unique. Offering even more touring capability, the 'Highway' kit includes a full waxed cotton & leather pannier set, adjustable touring screen, comfort rider seat, matching wider pillion seat, and a host of chrome features including engine bars, passenger back rest, luggage rack and a polished machined oil filler cap.

The Maverick kit gives the Speedmaster an even more stripped back, mean attitude with a brown quilted single seat set up, flatter raked out handlebars, black Vance & Hines exhausts** and other blacked out details, including exhaust headers, oil filler cap, and a grab rail removal kit and rear mudguard finisher for a stylish and minimal rear end.

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Timeless Bonneville DNA

THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER beautifully incorporates the iconic and timeless Bonneville character and design DNA. From its classic sillouette, to its machined engine cooling fins, carb style twin throttle bodies, finned exhaust clamps, black rubber fork gaiters and signature sculpted tank, each play a key part in delivering the Speedmaster's iconic custom Bonneville style.

Classic Custom Attitude & Laid-back Style

Distinctive, authentic and unique ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER features a host of original features and touches that complement its classic custom attitude and laid-back style. These include a classic headlight nacelle and swept-back beach bars,  forward footpegs, sculpted rear mudguard, 12 litre fuel tank and 32 spoke wire wheels.

Versatile Twin & Single Seat Set Ups

Enhancing its class leading capability THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER comes with a versatile twin seat set-up and low rider seat height of 710mm. Both the rider and pillion seats are made of deep foam that's sculpted for extra comfort and finished with premium contrasting piping. The pillion seat, along with chrome grab rail can be easily removed to create an even more distinctive single seat set-up.

Signature Bobber Features

THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER has been designed to deliver all of the Bonneville Bobbers attitude and a host of its beautiful features. These include its elegant hard-tail look, minimal body work, classic 'drum brake' inspired rear wheel hub, steel mudguards with centre ridge and authentic battery box with stainless steel strap.

Premium Finishes & Detailing

Fitted with high specification twin skin chrome silencers THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER features a host of premium detail touches and an incredibly level of finish. High value badging on the tank, brushed engine covers and special bronze 1200HT badges, along with Triumph's signature triangular 'makers mark' all add to the wealth of premium metal, bright chrome and paint finishes.

Authentic British Custom Attitude and Style

Beach Bars

Elegant swept-back beach bars deliver a natural and comfortable cruiser riding position and a distinctive classic custom style.

Classic Headlight Nacelle Design

One of the most distinctive features on the classic Triumphs of the 50's and 60's, the elegant headlight nacelle brings an authentic design touch to the Speedmaster's classic custom style.

Forward Pegs

Enhancing the laid-back ergonomics, the Speedmaster's forward footpegs are perfectly positioned to deliver a comfortable cruiser style and riding position.

Mudguard Dresser Rail

A chrome dresser rail forms part of the new Bonneville Speedmaster's classic look and comes complete with a chrome grab rail which can be easily removed when switching from a twin to single seat set-up.

Wire Spoked Wheels

16-inch, classic look 32-spoke wire wheels add authentic styling to the new Bonneville Speedmaster and are fitted with specially developed Avon Cobra tyres.

12 Litre Tank Capacity

With a 12 litre tank capacity, the new Speedmaster matches the Bonneville T120 on tank size while providing greater touring comfort. Compared to the Bonneville Bobber, the Speedmaster's larger tank delivers a much longer refuel and riding range.

Exhaust & Sound

The new Bonneville Speedmaster delivers a unique rich and raw exhaust note that has evolved from the Bonneville T120 but with an even deeper, richer sound. The bright chromed stainless steel exhaust system is twin skinned for a seamless hidden cat box run. Finished with bright chrome silencers it also has a twin chamber airbox and twin filter design.

Heritage Inspired Battery Box

The Bonneville Bobber's stunning features include anauthentic battery box with a stainless steel strap.

Classic Rear "Drum Brake' Inspired Hub

For an authentic classic look the Bonneville Speedmaster comes with a unique 'drum brake' inspired rear wheel hub.

Ignition Barrel

The ignition barrel has been positioned in front of the right hand side panel, in keeping with the heritage styling.

Bullet Indicators

Bullet indicators compliment the Bonneville Speedmaster's minimalist styling.

Branded Locking Fuel Cap

The branded locking chrome fuel cap compliments the bikes sculpted tank and adds to the overall premium finish.

Classically Styled Twin Throttle Bodies

The classical styling detail of the twin throttle bodies house the latest fuel injection technology.

Responsive 1200cc High-Torque Engine

THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER features the critically acclaimed Bonneville 1200cc HT engine with Triumph's unmistakable Bobber tune. With a category leading torque figure of 106Nm at a low 4,000 rpm – up to 10% more at 4,500 rpm than the Bonneville T120 and an amazing 42% more than the 2015 Speedmaster the new bike has been built to deliver low down and across the rev range when you need it most.

In terms of power the story is the same, with even more, 77Ps at 6,100 rpm, 10% more than the Bonneville T120 at 4,500 rpm and 25% more peak power the 2015 Triumph Speedmaster.

The 8 valve, single overhead camshaft parallel twin engine is liquid cooled for optimum performance and enhanced fuel efficiency. While a charismatic 270° firing interval provides smooth, linear power delivery from the slick six-speed gearbox.

The sound is equally as thrilling, with a distinctive rich and raw exhaust note thanks to an innovative twin chamber airbox and twin filter design with signature Bonneville 'hidden cat box' header pipe run and unique twin-skin bright chrome exhaust system.

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Superior Handling Comfort & Control

Twin & Single Seat Set-up

THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEMASTER comes with a versatile twin seat set-up and low rider seat height of 710mm. Both the rider and pillion seats are made of deep foam that's sculpted for extra comfort.  The pillion seat, along with chrome grab rail can also be easily removed to create a clean single seat set-up and silhouette.

High Specification Breaks

THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER comes fully equipped with confidence-inspiring high specification brakes and ABS. The front wheel has twin 310mm front discs and twin piston Brembo floating calipers. The rear is fitted with a single 255mm disc with single piston Nissin floating caliper, designed to provide optimal contact and maximise braking force.

High Specification Suspension

THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER has a high specification suspension set-up for a smooth comfortable ride, with 41mm cartridge front forks with 90mm travel. Neatly concealed under the rider seat, the mono-shock rear suspension unit (RSU) with linkage, 73mm rear wheel travel and stepped preload adjuster provides for better wheel control and increased comfort.

Distinctive 'Cage' Swinging Arm

Just like the Bonneville Bobber the distinctive 'cage' swinging arm provides THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER with an authentic hard-tail look. Black powder coated and fitted with paddock stand bobbin mounts to aid with bike maintenance.

Laid Back Riding Ergonomics

The swept-back beach bars, forward footpegs and low seat height, combined with Triumphs signature neutral handling, deliver a comfortable laid-back cruiser riding position and superior ride.

Full LED Headlight

THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER features a full-LED 5-inch multi-function headlight with main and dipped beams, along with Triumph's signature style daytime running light* (DRL) with distinctive light pattern. In addition, the new Speedmaster also has an LED rear light, LED indicators and number plate lights that provide greater power efficiency and durability.

* DRL function is only available in applicable markets, and in the US, Canada and Japan  the DRL element is illuminated with lower intensity, but is still a recognisable feature.

Ride-by-wire Technology

The latest generation ride-by-wire system has been sensitively incorporated to provide enhanced throttle control, ridability and safety.

ABS & Traction Control

Packed with innovative technologies THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER incorporates the ABS and switchable traction control. Fully responsive, it adds both safety and confidence in slippery conditions, while remaining compact and unobtrusive to the bikes minimalistic look.

Two Riding Modes

THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER has two selectable Riding Modes - Road and Rain, for greater control and safety. These are selectable through the left-hand switchgear.

Torque-assist Clutch

The torque-assist clutch brings a light touch and feel to the clutch control, reducing lever effort and improving long distance rideability. Helping to reduce rider fatigue, it adds to rider comfort, particularly in urban traffic.

Cruise Control

A simple and easy to use single-button cruise control system is fitted as standard to the left hand switch gear, to improve long distance comfort and control.

Engine Immobiliser

Thatcham approved, the security device integrates a transponder into THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER'S premium Triumph badged key. Linked to a receiver that's located  in the ignition barrel, it prevents the engine from starting without the key present.

Feature Packed Single Clock

Featuring a high functional, feature packed single clock. The stylish, minimalistic casing neatly houses the LCD multi-function display menu, that can be accessed through easy to reach fingertip controls. Key features include: odometer, rev counter, gear position indicator, range to empty, fuel level, average and current MPG, a clock, two trip settings, service indicator, plus access to cruise control and traction control settings.

Liquid Cool Engine

The parallel twin engine is liquid cooled with a unique radiator and fan, optimising performance and enhancing fuel efficiency, for cleaner reduced emissions that exceed Euro 4 requirements and allow for longer service intervals of 10,000 miles/16,000 kilometres.

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